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Photo Credit:  Ritesh Singh

Certainly, there are things that typically require a basic level of talent. And then there are other things that you can get pretty proficient at with just some time, practice, and persistence.  Some may try and have a natural talent, but often times it just takes a bit of getting used to to get good at it. And to witness it first hand is certainly a sight to see. Here are two examples!


Wheel Throwing

No. Not the typical wheel that propels you forward-- no, not the tire-type of wheel. We’re talking clay pottery! It looks easy, we admit. But it’s harder than it looks.  So many factors to consider: the amount of water; the speed; how much pressure; and of course, the shape you’re trying to make. Here’s your chance to learn the nuances of proper throwing.  On Saturday May 25, chose from one of four 2-hour sessions on the wheel. Classes start at 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, or 4 PM. Tickets are $100 and you get demonstrations, lessons, and two hours of practice. This also includes the cost to fire and glaze the pieces you create.


Montana State Junior High Rodeo Finals

For some crafts you really just have to start young. Check out these youth rodeo experts as they compete for places in the Montana State Junior High Rodeo Finals to compete in the National Junior High Finals Rodeo in June. Now, not everyone had the opportunity to try this, and this likely won’t be the place to do that, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy this beautiful part of American culture.  The event itself is three days long from May 31 to June 2, 2019.



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