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Photo Credit: Dominik Scythe


In our part of the country, it seems like folks have a better understanding of relying on the earth to provide for our own.  This is in comparison to those living in more urban areas. Of course, each lifestyle to their own. But in providing for our own, it seems there is more attention to craft and making use out of raw materials.


Makewell challenges the concept of making and hand-crafting by adding curiosity back into the mix.  On Saturday, February 9, 2019, from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM, Makewell hosts Makewell: Curiosity at Harvest Catering & Events in Mandan, North Dakota.  Tickets range from $65 to $160.


Their take on curiosity challenges presents everyone, and specifically makers, with the task to reconnect with the inner child that has always been filled with wonder. There is a connection between curiosity and creativity, and then a leap to creating and doing.  


During the day you are invited to join the downtown and participate in activities, but in the evening (6:00 PM onward), the main event will ensure.  Three speakers will take the stage and present their journeys, ideas, and challenges. All the while, they will also challenge the audience to take the same plunges they had once done as well.  


The evening event includes appetizers, live entertainment, and small group discussions. Be sure to come, connect, and walk away with a new perspective on making, inner-child intact.


While this event is a single day affair, it will require a weekend of connecting, and reflecting. The Stay Astoria hotel in Dickinson North Dakota is a scenic drive away so that you can retire back into your comfortable room and reflect upon the learning and curiosity you experienced from this event.  At Stay Astoria, Dickinson, you can select from a variety of suites, kitchenettes, and package deals suited just for you.

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