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Photo Credit: Debby Hudson

Get your creations in during spring before summer’s bloom really hits! What does that mean? Well, simply, here are a few, three to be exact, arts classes you can take before summer really hits.  There’s something about creating something new in the season of Spring that can really set the tone for the rest of the warmer months. Whether it be carving, pouring, or bending, one of these classes can be your creative channel. What better place to hold these classes than at the MonDak Heritage Centre?


Candle Carving Class

Sure, there’s candling making, dipping, and all that fun stuff. How about taking it one step further by getting into candle carving? On May 16 from 6PM to 8:30 PM at the MonDak Heritage Centre. Tickets are $20 and all ages are welcome.  In this class you will learn about the art of dipping candles, and then learn how carve them into beautiful sculptures.


Acrylic Pour Painting

Some say that painting with acrylic is one of the easiest paints to work with. So why not make it easier?  The swipe method for acrylic pour painting makes it easy for anyone to create amazing paintings. The tickets are $25 per person, and you have to either call or sign up online to get your seat.  Sign up soon, as space is limited and this is a popular class.  Regardless of your craftsman experience, this class is designed for anyone.  Class will be on May 21 from 6PM to 8:30 PM at the MonDak Heritage centre.


Glass Fusion Pendant Lamp

Confused about what the sub-heading? Not to worry! Simply put: participants in this class will learn how to use glass fusion to create pendant shaped lamps.  All supplies are included with your $55 ticket! Class is held on May 23, again, at the MonDak Heritage Centre.  Class begins at 6PM and runs a full two hours.



Should you plan to stay for a while to attend all these unique classes, be sure to book your stay with Astoria Hotels in Glendive Montana. Our spacious rooms and comfortable beds are hard to beat. We should also mention the scenic drive from Glendive Montana to Sidney Montana.
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