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Photo Credit: Derek Thomson

As winter clearly has gone away and the frost has been melting sooner and faster in the mornings, it’s a sure sign that mother nature is waking up and the glorious beauty of Spring is in full swing.  Of course, it’s not complete unless you’ve got two heart-warming events to go alongside with it. Warm your mind, body, and soul, so to speak! Here are just two examples.


Daddy Daughter Dance

A bond between a daughter and her father is unparalleled and by far unbreakable. Celebrate that special relationship with the Daddy Daughter Dance as hosted by us at Astoria Hotels in partnership with the Dickinson Police. Coming back for its 11th year, this is a great way to spend quality time with a daughter or daughter-like figure. Each father-daughter couple is $60, but if you’ve got more love to give around, each additional “daughter” is only $30.  Dinner is included along with a dance and a lot of fun activities for you to enjoy as a pair (or group)! If this doesn’t warm your heart, who knows what will.


Chocolate Affair

OK. So, maybe father-daughter dances aren’t for everyone --hey! Different strokes for different folks! Much in the same way, chocolate isn’t for everyone (yes, those people exist…). However, if you are one of the many that loves chocolate then you’re in for a (sweet) treat. What’s more? This 10th Annual Chocolate Affair pairs chocolates with wines. Who could ever ask for more?  Hosted by Best Friends Mentoring Program, this event is $40 per person at the Biesiot Activities Centre in Dickinson, ND.  


In either scenario, you can expect yourself to be tuckered out and down-right exhausted after such a filling evening.  Pull up a seat, kick back and relax in one of our comfortable rooms. Or better yet, if you’re back to the hotel in time, go for a quick dip our indoor pool and jacuzzi. A choice you won’t regret.

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