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Photo Credit: Pepi Stojanovski


Now that summer is officially coming to a halt, we are all a little sad. This is true. This is already a really great opportunity to start regaining that focus and wake up from our summer slumber! The summer was fun and all, sure -- but with the end of the year closing in, we all have to make sure we finish the year off right. Here are two things you should not forget about!


Comedy For Our Veterans

Herron Entertainment, LLC is a US Army veteran-owned talent management company that supports various performance artists. This tour is specifically catered to that of our veterans and with over 900 breweries already having played host to this tour, the fun won’t be stopping anytime soon. This time, they’re making a stop at the Watford Eagles in Watford City North Dakota. Tickets are $15 per person, and you’ll be sure to enjoy this show on Friday, October 18, 2019.  Do note that parts of proceeds go towards helping veterans live with PTSD. Do it for the cause, if not the laughter. Hint: Don’t forget to keep laughter alive this fall! 


Money Matters for Women

Financial literacy is becoming increasingly essential in order to make ends meet. And at the same time, financial literacy is becoming increasingly difficult to get access to. Such a conundrum. How is it that women are able to get access to things that are essential but at the same time are very hard to get access to for free? Thankfully there is the Money Matters for Montana Women event put on by the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance. This event is designed to convene women together to talk about finances, business opportunities, and investments. No financial literacy is required! 


While we focus on getting all bundled up in the American Northwest, it’s important to remember some important things. Remember to laugh, and remember to keep financials at the forefront. All the same, there is also something great about being away from home during the colder months. If you are staying out of town be sure to check out any one of our locations either in Montana or North Dakota for a comfortable bed and spacious room to give you and your mind plenty of space to relax and expand.  
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