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Photo Credit: Tomas Salas


The American Northwest. Not the warmest place during the colder autumn and winter months. Perhaps, though, you may still be able to enjoy the last bit of warmth before the sun retreats down to the southern hemisphere. Here are two ways you can create the illusion of summer with these two events.


Willison Fun Bus: The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys says it all. Even the group's name hints of summer. So naturally, anything Beach Boys-themed will make you feel like the sun has not yet gone away. Going to the Williston Fun Bus -- The Beach Boys will make anyone forget about the cold, sub-freezing weather outside.  At this event you will have transportation either from Williston, Bismarck, or Dickinson; a Golden Ticket to attend the show; $20 in free slots to play; and 2 complimentary beverages. Speaking of beverages, please note that this means you must be at least 21 years of age to participate.  


Fitter & Faster

Maybe you’re looking for something more upbeat and gives you that adrenaline rush. Or maybe you just need water to make it feel like it’s still summer. Well if you like both then you’ll be in for a treat at the Fitter & Faster Swim Camp.  This event spans over two days where swimmers get the opportunity to refine and hone their swimming skills. This camp is intended for young swimmers to receive one-on-one training from New Zealand two-time Olympian Glenn Snyders. 

Whether the weather brings you out to the American Northwest, or for other reasons, we are always searching for ways to get the sun and summer back into our lives, if even for a brief moment.  And part of that summer vibe is quite simply: rest and relaxation. Our comfortable spacious rooms at our Astoria Hotel locations will definitely fit the bill. A heads up: we have pools and jacuzzis at both our fabulous locations. Book your stay now!
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