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Markus Spiske


The rural areas of America such as the Central North is often quiet and could use a little more activity.  However, in much the same way, there is a certain level of richness that these areas provide for the country even though there is little activity.  Worry not! From time to time, people do get together and celebrate the small things. Here are a few examples.


2019 Downtown Conference

The Williston Downtowners Association is this year’s host for the annual North Dakota Downtown Conference. Join in on all the celebrations that include keynote speakers, breakout sessions, debates, and many other fun activities.  Your tickets will include passes to Williston’s downtown on August 28 and 29, and access to opportunities to learn more about how to you can play a crucial role in making sure your very own downtown is lively and healthy. Event is at the Old Armory, and tickets range from free to $99.

The Surging, Thundering Herd

Bison. If the central north were to be its own nation, the Bison would indubitably be the national animal. This animal surged and had lay reign to the major grasslands of old America. Now, as people have settled in, their crowns have been snagged off their strong horns.  However, we still seek to celebrate them at the exhibit known as The Surging, Thundering Herd. While the exhibit began on June 4 of 2019, it remains on display until the end of August at the MonDak Heritage Center in Sidney, MT.  


 On Golden Pond

Drama. Comedy. A spectacular theatrical performance. It’s all here.  This show takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride as the classic story plays out.  On Golden Pond relives the tale of Ethel and Norman Thayer as they spend their 48th, and eventful summer, in Maine.  The show runs from August 16th to September 1st at the Fort Peck Theatre. Tickets range from $6 to about $25. This one is for the family and a classic in every American household.  




Are these events too spread apart? We empathize. That’s also just how the great prairies of America are! Not to worry-- they’re a wonder on their own.  Such great land that seems to go on endlessly, yet it’s such a small piece of the country itself. So, after a long day of travel come to check-in at Astoria hotels -- your home away from home.  Our Glendive location comes fully equipped with a pool and jacuzzi, a fitness center, and continental breakfast and snacks 

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