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Ajeet Mestry


The American Northwest has some amazing history, but oftentimes that history is lost and left unwritten. However, where the history does reside is in the habits and materials we own and the memories we share. These following two events are a great way to re-discover history through the stories that people have.

Friday Night Races

While this series has been going on since early May, be sure to catch the last of it on Friday, September 20th, starting at 630 PM.  Friday Night Races carry a lot of personality as some races even modify their own cars to create the best chances of getting a good race time. Part of this culture started when high schools often had a mechanics course where students actually got to build cars -- surely there are still schools that do that, but not as much anymore. This culture grew to a point where rivalries (opposing schools) arose and wanted to best each other for building the fastest cars.  Come join and potentially re-live the hype as all kinds of cars gather to show their best. 

Vintage Show 

Rescued and Reclaimed is a community of people dedicated to preserving the vintage and older items in both their design and stature.  Often times this means rescuing (repairing) or reclaiming (creating a new use) of these items. In both scenarios, the idea is the same: to preserve what they can and enhance the effect. This time around, they’re bringing their show over to Sidney Montana. Tickets range from $5 to $15.


Surely the sunset of the northwest prairies should be enough to draw you in. And if not, then these two shows definitely will do the trick. However, if that doesn’t do it, surely the spacious and comfortable rooms at Astoria Hotels will seal the deal. At our locations, you will find a variety of room options to fit exactly your needs. Book your stay now.

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